The construction of Pondok Darul Furqan delayed 2 years. RM400,000 needed.

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: Pondok Darul Furqan needs funds totaling RM400,000 to complete the construction of the Surau which has been delayed for two years.

The principal of Pondok Darul Furqan, Dr Hj Mohd Zaini Shafiai, said that the construction of the Surau which had started three years ago, was delayed and only half completed at the bottom.

“During these two years, the development was abandoned because for us to complete the upper section, it requires a high cost of approximately RM400,000 to start the work.

“The lower part before we started little by little with a cost of RM20,000 and RM30,000, but  the upper part, we need a large amount of funds all at once.

That’s why we ended up being delayed for two years to complete it,” he said when met at the Nuzul Quran & Breaking the Fast program at Pondok Darul Furqan in Tambun here recently.

Also present were the former mayor of Ipoh and chairman of Pondok Ngaji Darul Furqan, Datuk Roshidi Hashim and Deputy Director of the Perak State Development Office (PPN), Mazlan Zurin Zulkifli.

Mohd Zaini said, his party hopes that someone can help channel donations to complete the construction that has been delayed for a long time.

“Hopefully after this, people who can help us complete this upper part which is planned for administration and also for classes for studies at Pondok Darul Furqan,” he said.

He said his party also hopes that the application for the dirt road in front of the study center to be converted to a tar road which will be for the convenience of students.

“It is to facilitate the journey of students; this is because we have Tahfiz Rendah and also a secondary school.

“For the primary tahfiz, it is at the end of the park and requires a journey of about 1km which is quite slippery especially in the rainy season, and we have a tahfiz here for secondary school students,” he said.

Mazlan Zurin said, his party will try its best regarding the aid that can be channeled to complete the delayed construction of the surau.

“On the side of PPN State Perak we will try our best to help whomever we can help.We also call on the general public to jointly develop this good program.

“Regarding the tar road construction, we will make an application to get it, we will try,” he said.

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  1. Banyak lagi pondok atau tahfiz yang lebih daif memerlukan bantuan..

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