There are not many lemang reservations this time – Lemang seller

By Zaki Salleh
Photo: Wat Kamal Abas

BAGAN SERAI – A total of 350 sticks of lemang were prepared for customer orders which started burning since yesterday as a dish to celebrate Aidilfitri.

However, this amount is less than last year because the cost of making lemang has increased due to the increase in the price of goods.

Because of that there is concern to provide more lemang if not bought by customers.

The lemang seller, Mohd Suhaimi Ishak, said the cost of making lemang has increased compared to last year while there are not many orders received.

“The cost of an ordinary stick of lemang has already reached RM12, and that’s coconut milk and banana leaves that I find myself without buying from anyone.

“So it’s a bit worrying if you want to burn in large numbers because the purchasing power of customers is reduced,” he said.

The price of a stick of lemang sold is between RM20 to RM25 depending on the size.

Mohd Suhaimi said, he only burns lemang for sales according to orders received from customers to avoid losses.

The amount of lemang will be increased if the order received increases.

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