The unity of the people can raise the dignity of the country – PM

Rosli Mansor

KUALA LUMPUR: In conjunction with the Aidilfitri celebration this time, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim invited Malaysians to cleanse themselves and their souls to increase the spirit of unity in saving and developing the country.

The Prime Minister said he believes that with the unity of the people, the dignity of the country can be lifted back, thus allowing everyone to live in an atmosphere of unity with more peace and prosperity.

The order was voiced by the Prime Minister in a two-minute-36-second Raya video that was uploaded through his social media.

Interestingly, through the video, the Prime Minister ‘happened’ to buy three lemang seeds from ‘Lemang Padu Mad Thani’ before delivering his speech.

“Let’s strengthen the spirit of Malaysian unity to develop the country, and save the country by starting from ourselves.

“After Ramadan Karim, we clean ourselves and our souls to raise the dignity of our family and the society of our country as one unit.

“In conjunction with this celebration which is celebrated by all Muslims in our country and around the world, I wish you a happy Eid,” he said.

Earlier, through the video, interesting content was also displayed showing the method of making lemang and the great response of buyers of various races to the traditional food popular during Aidilfitri.

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