This Is The Sign To Start Your Fitness Journey By Leaps And Bounds!

By Lam Yat Yee

Have you ever picked up a sport, excited and motivated to begin a new fitness journey, only to drop it after facing countless complicated techniques and drills?

Have you ever struggled to commit to a workout schedule with all the planning and research needed?

Or perhaps, are you looking for a fresh, undemanding way to get into shape?

If your answer was “yes!” to any of the above questions, we have just the solution for you!

Since the 26th of February 2023, TAS studio, run by Sam (a licensed Zumba instructor) and her team, offer the only trampoline fitness classes in Ipoh.

‘What even is trampoline fitness?’, you may wonder. The answer is simple. If you were to take Zumba, add individual trampolines, subtract the stress jumping on solid ground exerts on your joints, and factor in a lot of fun, cool disco lights and lively music, you’ll get trampoline fitness as it is done by Sam.

Suitable for a wide range of ages, 7 to 65, trampoline fitness offers a multitude of benefits.

To list a handful, this trendy fitness method promotes balance, motor coordination, flexibility,  mobility, and muscle development. The constant jumping nature of the sport is a great way to slim down and gain healthier blood circulation.

And contrary to popular belief, this low-impact sport actually aids in increasing bone density and strengthening joints!

It is a simple, fuss-free method of getting your weekly fill of cardio done while shaking off stress and strain. This occurs as the music and active environment encourages our brains to release endorphins, allowing participants to feel lighter and more energised.

TAS studio also supplies help with meal planning and dieting in more ways than one. For example, before every trampoline session, which usually takes place at 8 PM, energy drinks are provided for every participant as it is not recommended to have a heavy meal, or a full meal at all, before jumping.

Additionally, at the end of every session, a replenishing protein shake is prepared for everyone. These drinks are included in every session, and TAS studio also provides special protein shakes for those who wish to go there just for the nutrition.

“A lot of people tend to exercise but neglect nutrition. At TAS studio, we believe that it [one’s fitness journey] is 20% exercise and 80% nutrition. But to many, it is ‘terbalik’ [the other way round].”

Each quick but calorie-burning session is led by Sam, taking place over the span of an hour, starting with some stretching, a tutorial and light warm up. There are short breaks in between every song and a 5 minute break halfway through.

And trust me, it takes more energy to hop consistently than one may imagine!

TAS stands for True Amazing Story.

The story behind TAS studio begins with Sam’s own fitness journey. Through her mission to get fit, she shed a total of 17 kilograms! Sam’s love for Zumba and helping others prompted her to start a platform where the people of Ipoh from all age groups could get together and enjoy trampoline-ing.

“We want to help our friends and family through TAS to create a good story from here. It is our motive to help everyone who comes here.”

The only hazards to take note of are that if you face any medical conditions with vertigo or severe heart conditions, trampoline may not be for you.

In the future, Sam and her team are hoping to offer non-technique-demanding, non-exertive, elderly-friendly, and OKU-friendly exercise classes. However, they are hoping to increase their customer count before that, so if this piques your interest, give it a shot!

TAS studio offers one-time classes, 10 day packages, and many more!

To learn more, contact them at +60 11-1753 5928 or pay them a visit at 76A, Lebuh Lapangan Siber 2, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.

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