Avoid being a victim of scammers

By: Zaki Salleh

MANJUNG – A lecture session on scammer crime prevention was held at Seri Samudera National Secondary School (SMK), Manjung recently.

The programme was conducted by the Commercial Crime Investigation Division of the Manjung District Police Headquarters led by Inspector Zainarida Emilia Zaidi.

Also with her were Inspector Alealiana Azmi and Inspector Ahmad Auzan Md Noor.

This programme was also attended by Manjung District Youth and Sports Officer, Md Anwar Azwan Ali Basri.

The talk was organised by the Manjung District Youth and Sports Office.

In addition, the distribution of the Commercial Crime QR CODE Pamphlet was also given to the third-grade students of the school.

The activity carried out was to explain what were the types of commercial crime, online scams and the latest modus operandi of commercial crime cases.

The main objective of this programme is to provide awareness and tips regarding the latest online fraud trends directly to students.

The students also did not miss the opportunity to ask various related questions during the question and answer session related to commercial crime.

It is hoped that this programme can give awareness to young people about shared responsibility in crime prevention, including among close relatives.

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