The Bojen Car Wash & Spa offers a ‘Rahmah’ package for customers

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: Not chasing profit alone, The Bojen Car Wash & Spa in Tambun is ready to offer a service package with ‘Rahmah’ for all levels of customers to enjoy.

The owner, Mohd Salor Wadi Mohd Nor, said that various packages with the Rahmah price concept are available at certain times and seasons.

“We have all kinds of packages, the Rahmah package available starts from RM10 to RM15 for external and internal washing including nano mist.

“In fact, we also make ‘how much they can afford packages’, this is because sometimes there are customers who want a certain package but can’t afford it… it’s okay we can do it because the most important thing is that they leave with a smile,” he said at the media conference in conjunction with the Aidilfitri Open House at The Bojen Car Wash & Spa recently.

Mohd Salor Wadi said that the package provided was compatible with the current establishment of the MADANI government.

“Our theme is cleanliness first, so every vehicle that enters here after the 10-minute period must have been cleaned.

“We are not chasing a lot of vehicles that come, but we are more concerned with quality and will ensure that even though it is fast, the quality is maintained and the best,” he said.

According to him, in addition to that, his side also plans to carry out several collaborations in developing the carwash service in the future.

“Recently the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) appointed this carwash as an icon for ATM. I myself am also a former soldier, so ATM through Perbadanan Hal Ehwal Bekas Angkatan Tentera  (PERHEBAT), The Bojen Carwash and Spa is one of the places where retired soldiers can take a car wash course here.

”In addition, for people who are new to opening a carwash, we also provide training for them, for those who come from outside Perak, we have a room to stay while undergoing the course. We will train from the basics of washing vehicles up to the marketing level in this carwash field within a three-day course,” he said.

He said, apart from that he intends to further expand the business by increasing the facilities at the car wash by this year.

”We have good news, we will open a cafe behind the car wash. So, customers who come to wait for a long time will not feel bored because there will be a place where they can relax while having a drink while waiting for the vehicle to be ready.

“If there is nothing we will try to realize the opening of the cafe this year,” he said.

He said, so far the car wash has a total of ten employees.

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