Rentas Pantai 2023 on the Road

By KT Leong

The crew behind Rentas Pantai have begun their coast to coast drive, to create awareness for the plight of animals in need, and to enjoy the roads in the company of their fellow car enthusiasts.

Gathering for some light refreshments before their journey, the participants of Rentas Pantai were briefed by one of the organisers, Dr Haridev Devdas. Who explained to them the itinerary, which would open with a feeding of the animals at the Papan landfill; and the route that the participants will follow.

Hailing mostly from KL, the participants of Rentai Pantai have brought along an interesting mix of cars to travel the coastal roads of Perak. From Menglembu to Lumut, then to Batu Gajah ending at Besut, before finally capping off at Kampung Raja; if you’re along the route, keep an eye out for them.

From the iconic Volkswagen van and the even more iconic Volkswagen Beetle, there’s even a Fiat 850 with a wood paneling appearance and a solar panel to help power the car’s electronics.

Adventure and fun aside, at the end of the day, this trek’s for a good cause. Those interested in helping this good cause, can send your enquiries to and donate to the account in the flyer below.

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