Perak Hotel Bill passed

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The Perak State Assembly has approved the Perak Hotel Bill 2023 which involves the licensing and regulation of hotels in the state.

The decision was announced by the Speaker of the Perak State Assembly, Dato’ Mohammad Zahir Dato’ Abdul Khalid after the voting process was conducted on the second day of the 15th Perak State Legislative Assembly.

Of the 57 members of the State Assembly who voted, 32 members supported it while the other 25 did not support it.

The bill was passed with more votes in favour after it was presented for the third time by the Housing and Local Government Committee Chairman, Sandrea Ng Shy Ching with 23 members of the State Assembly debating.

Sandrea during the winding up session of the bill said that the Perak Hotel Bill 2023 will, among other things, provide a control method through licensing which is important to be implemented to improve the quality of hotels and places to stay overnight in the state of Perak.

“The standardization of license conditions can control issues of safety, cleanliness and nuisance which are considerations and concerns of visitors for the selection of tourist destinations as well as the uniformity of hotel quality in Perak in addition to being an attraction for tourists to come.

“This is because we provide safe destinations or safe tourism comprehensively from the north to the south of the state of Perak.

“In addition, this bill aims to improve the economy of local people, industrialists and small traders who receive a direct impact from the more uniform and safe management of the tourism industry from an effective governance system,” she said.

The Perak Hotel Bill 2023 was passed to replace the Bed and Breakfast Enactment 1927 in line with the development of the tourism sector in the state of Perak which receives many visitors every year in addition to improving the quality of hotels and places to stay throughout the state.

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