Is it true that leather goods are only brown?

By Aida Aziz

IPOH: The origin of leather products must be associated with the brown color, other than that color is definitely feared to be unoriginal and made of synthetics.

Unfortunately, information about leather goods is not yet widespread among our society, even some are still confused between natural and synthetic.

With the latest technology becoming more and more sophisticated, it is difficult to distinguish the original from the fake, but for those who are knowledgeable and used to using it, they can definitely tell by just feeling the texture.

In addition to brown, there are actually a variety of colors that can be made into leather goods, just say what color, as long as you dare to wear it.

For leather goods maker, Mohd Noor Said, 56, he described the industry as yet not aggressive in Malaysia.

There is no denying that hand made are still the choice of many, because they look more exclusive and the design is more prominent.

“For me, the information about the leather industry is still not extensive from the type of leather, the processing method, and how many leather operators are seriously involved.

“Many people prefer to wear hand-made items rather than ready-made ones. Not everyone can do it, because it requires patience, perseverance and persistence.

“In addition, when the knowledge about leather is lacking, people just assume the color of leather goods is only brown, but actually there are many, they can be colored. There are green, blue, red and so on,” he said when met.

Asked on how to test the leather for authenticity, the one usually used is to burn them a little, but he admitted that this method would damage the product.

“Many people say to put a lit lighter near the leather goods and if there is a smell like burning meat then it is genuine.

“But for me that method is a bit inappropriate because it damages the skin, it’s better to feel the back of the skin with your hands, if it’s fibrous we can tell if it’s genuine,” he said.

In fact, he added, it is acknowledged that until now the brown color has received the most orders compared to others owing to a lack of information on other colour availability..

In addition, according to him, skins from sources such as cows and buffaloes are more often used to make tambourines and rattles.

“For me it is not progressive (leather production in Malaysia), when compared to neighboring Indonesia where they are more serious about promoting this industry.

“In fact, they have a handicraft department that monitors the industry, thus making many entrepreneurs making leather goods more viable,” he added.

Therefore, it is his hope to see the public be given a deeper understanding of the industry.

There are three types of leather that are often used: cow, goat and buffalo.

“Cow leather has better durability and is cheaper, making it more favoured to produce products. Goat leather is soft and beautiful but less durable.

“Buffalo leather is tougher and suitable for producing durable products such as backpacks and belts, but it is not as beautiful as cow and goat leather,” he added.

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