When will the Silveritage Complex Come Alive Again?

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: Initiatives and efforts to revive Silveritage Complex, once famous for being the Medan Gopeng bus service hub, has been tried not once, but many times.

The name is interesting and unique but unfortunately, this building seems to be uninhabited, with only a few that remain in operation.

At least the existence of a food court that used to be a part of the traders in the Megoplex, still attract some visitors here.

Talks on the initiative to enliven this building with business activities and so on, have been going on for a long time.

It is not an exaggeration to say that despite different government administrations, there has been no change.

Not far from Silveritage is the Megoplex, a nostalgic building that once served as a business and shopping centre.

If you ask the people here, they will be full of nostalgia, especially during the festive season.

This writer’s survey of Silveritage with the traders who were there, most of whom agreed that the area was rather gloomy.

One of the employees of the motorcycle riding gear shop, Muhamad Afiq Haiqal, said the number of customers on the second floor of the complex was very low on weekdays.

But on weekends, it can be said that there are also regular customers who come from Penang, Kuala Lumpur and Johor to look for motorcycle equipment there.

“We have been established here for five months, we can say that sales and customer presence have been slow so far. Fortunately, we had regular customers before.

“One of the reasons is the inappropriate location of this complex. The entry is  a bit confusing and difficult for people to enter here. They have to make a U-turn and if they miss it, it’s hard to turn back.

“It can be said that people come here because there is a food court selling food; rarely do people go up to the second floor. It is hoped that more promotions or activities will be carried out here for general attraction,” he said.

Meanwhile, another trader there, Amzari Zamri said one of the possible factors why the area is quiet is because the entrance is quite confusing, especially for people from outside Ipoh.

Accordingly, he thinks there is a need for a more systematic entrance to the complex, in addition to adding more vendors to liven up the area.

“If we see that the entrance is small and a bit confusing from the main road,  a four-way junction can be made in front of this complex. That would be very helpful,” he said.

Previously, Silveritage Galleria was a bus service hub for major cities in Perak. It also served as a terminal for express bus services across the country.

The complex was upgraded in 2015 and the operation of the new Silveritage Complex started in June 2017. It became a one-stop centre to showcase products and goods from Perak.

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