Yayasan Ipoh Held Workshop With Visiting Doctors From Around the Nation

By KT Leong

Yayasan Ipoh (YI) held a workshop on the topic of Intra Articular Injections for Osteo Arthritis last Saturday.

The workshop was organised by YI in collaboration with Oralix and the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) of Perak.

It was held in the beautiful and serene garden setting of YI in Bercham, with lectures and training provided by Dato’ Dr. Ramanathan Ramiah, the consultant ortho surgeon and CEO of YI.

The workshop was attended by General Practitioner (GP) doctors from not just Perak, but Kedah and Selangor as well.

In addition to the interactive questions and answers format of the workshop, this was a refresher for the doctors as they also examined an actual treatment for a patient who graciously agreed to participate. It involved injecting PRP ( platelet rich plasma) and Hyaluronic Acid. ( In layman’s terms, it is stem-cells and gel) into the patient, who was suffering from osteo arthritis in the knee.

The challenges faced were discussed, as the doctors witnessed first hand the difficulties involved, due to the various factors with this particular patient.

The workshop ended with refreshments at 1.30, with the attending doctors getting to experience the procedures in action, in a real life scenario and all the complications therein.

YI in Bercham is a perfect place for such events, due to the facilities available there.

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