Two arrested for illegal purchase of diesel

By Zaki Salleh

Photo KPDN Perak

TAIPING: Two four-wheel drive vehicles along with seven drums containing diesel were seized in Ops Tiris at Kampung Dew yesterday.

It is the result of two weeks of surveillance by officials from the Perak Ministry of Domestic Trade and Cost of Living (KPDN).

Its director, Datuk Kamalluddin Ismail said, two local men aged 36 and 48 have been arrested for further investigation.

He said the value of the seized diesel was estimated to be approximately RM108,838.

“This syndicate was detected using two four-wheel drive type vehicles.

“They bought diesel oil at the gas station and filled it into several drum barrels covered with canvas cloth to obscure their activities,” he said.

This diesel oil is believed to be used for heavy machinery.

The results of searching found that the drivers of the two four-wheel drives did not have written permission to buy diesel in large quantities.

The case was investigated under the Supply Control Act 1961 and the Supply Control Regulations 1974.

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