Modified car fuel tanks used to smuggle petrol

By Zaki Salleh
Photo KPDN Perak

IPOH: An attempt to smuggle petrol failed after the authorities detained a Mercedes Benz  at a petrol station in Pengkalan Hulu yesterday.

A 55-year-old man in a locally registered car was  arrested after being seen acting suspiciously.

The arrest at 10 am was carried out by members of the General Operations Team (PGA).

The result of the inspection on the vehicle found that it had been modified with an additional tank on the back of the vehicle’s bonnet.

The Enforcement Officer of the Ministry of Domestic Trade Gerik Branch has implemented the seizure of goods and detained the suspect for further investigation.

The car along with 68 liters of petrol, petrol purchase receipts and other related documents were seized.

The total value of the seizure is estimated at RM13,839.40.

Initial investigation found that the vehicle with an additional fuel tank containing 60 to 70 liters would repeatedly bring and sell these controlled goods to neighboring countries every day.

The case will be investigated under the Supply Control Act 1961.

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