FAMA’s Agro Madani Sale in Conjunction with Independence Month Offers Significant Savings to the Public

By: Zaki Salleh

Ipoh- The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) of Perak is set to organize the Agro Madani Sale in conjunction with Independence Month at the R&R RTC Gopeng Square starting tomorrow until next Thursday.

Spanning six days to commemorate the celebration of independence, the sale will feature a diverse range of quality fresh commodities at reasonable prices.

According to Noorsham Ramly, the Director of FAMA Perak, the Agro Madani Sale promises substantial savings to the public, particularly the economically disadvantaged segment of the population.

“This program offers savings of up to 10% to 30%, contributing to the economic welfare of consumers.

“The significance lies in the fact that the Agro Madani Sale is a governmental initiative aimed at assisting the targeted groups, especially the less privileged, to shop more economically,” he remarked.

Noorsham highlighted that the distinctive feature of the Agro Madani Sale is FAMA’s provision of the Madani Combo Sale, offering substantial discounts to buyers.

He stated that the Madani Combo includes a basket containing essential items such as a chicken, two types of vegetables, and onions.

“While the market price hovers around RM30 to RM32, it is being offered at only RM15 per basket.

“We can provide such low prices due to our supplies being sourced from suppliers and growers who are strategic partners of FAMA.

“We have prepared 50 baskets of Madani Combo for each sales series,” he disclosed.

The Agro Madani Sale not only extends an opportunity for citizens to make savings but also contributes to fostering a sense of economic solidarity during this patriotic period.

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