Garbage Vigilante: House Overflowing with Garbage: Authorities Urged to Investigate and Take Action!

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

IPOH: Imagine a central garbage disposal area! This is precisely the scene at a house on Jalan Merpati, where piles of garbage have completely engulfed the front yard.

Every vehicle that comes to a stop at the traffic lights is met with the unsightly view of this overwhelming heap of trash, all the more distressing because it’s located along a major road.

In front of the house’s gate, there’s a local-brand car, also filled with rubbish.

This situation has left the public bewildered, with many questions arising. Why has so much junk been accumulated, and why hasn’t any authority taken action against the culprits and the house’s owner?

The location, right in the heart of Ipoh city and along a major road, not only offends the eyes but also poses a danger to the neighbouring residents.The pile of garbage is a serious safety risk, especially to nearby neighbours. Besides being a haven for venomous creatures like snakes and rats, it can also become a fire hazard.

The authorities are urged to conduct an investigation into the homeowner’s activities and take decisive action in the interest of the residents of the housing estate and the city’s image.

Location: Jalan Merpati, Taman Canning (Leading to AEON Kinta City)

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