Over 1,000 People Enliven ‘Sarong Train 2023 Ipoh’

By Rosli Mansor Bin Ahmad Razali

IPOH: Vibrant and festive! That’s what can be said about the Sarong Train 2023 (KS2023) program held at the Tanah Melayu Railway (KTM) grounds in Ipoh today.

The KS2023 program was attended by over 1,000 people dressed in traditional attire representing various ethnic groups and communities, creating a lively atmosphere with a ‘flash mob’ event.

Puteri Norzulaika Datu Bolkhiah, a student at the Ipoh Ungku Omar Polytechnic, expressed her anticipation for the KS2023 program.

“This program is very intriguing, as it not only showcases traditional attire but also portrays the image of our multicultural society.

“I am impressed by the spirit of the younger generation who take pride in wearing traditional clothing and parading for more than 2 kilometres while carrying the Malaysian flag.

“This program has successfully strengthened the bonds among all communities and should be continued,” she told Ipoh Echo.

Another participant from Kuala Lumpur, Nur Hareeza Halishan, 24, mentioned that through the KS2023 program, she had the opportunity to celebrate Malaysia Day with old friends.

“This year, I chose Ipoh to participate in this program, even though the celebration of KS2023 in Kuala Lumpur is more extravagant.

“I previously studied in Ipoh, and through this program, I could reunite with old friends.

“This event has successfully fostered unity among diverse ethnic groups. As the younger generation, we must always cherish our country and heritage. If not us, then who?” she said.

The KS2023 program is organized by the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) LOCCO and the Ipoh Social Club (ISC) with the theme of ‘ethnicity.’ It successfully gathered participants from several states.

Its founder, Deena Erissa Delaila Mohd Zawawi, stated that this year’s program highlighted the theme of ‘ethnicity’ across different communities.

“I am amazed by the dedication of the public who appeared dressed in sarongs and ethnic attire, involving not only participants from the state of Perak but also from other states such as Selangor, Kedah, and Penang.

“This program should be continued in the future because it is capable of nurturing a love for our country and cultural heritage,” she said.

Meanwhile, online news reports indicate that over 10,000 Malaysians from various ethnic backgrounds participated in the KS2023 program in Kuala Lumpur.

KS2023 also took place simultaneously in Kuala Lumpur, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, and London, United Kingdom.

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