Free Petrol Contribution Celebrates Malaysia Day

By: Zaki Salleh

LUMUT – A total of 300 motorcyclists received a free petrol contribution during the ‘Fill Up Your Motorcycle for Free’ program, hosted by the Pangkor State Assembly Member (ADUN) at the Petronas station in Lumut, Jalan Teluk Muroh, in commemoration of Malaysia Day.

ADUN Pangkor, Norhaslinda Zakaria, stated that the free petrol distribution is symbolic and aimed at helping ease the burden of the recipients.

She mentioned that the majority of these motorcyclists use their bikes as their daily mode of transportation to earn a living, especially in the current climate of rising prices of goods and food.

“In these times of escalating costs, this small contribution goes a long way in lightening the transportation expenses of these working individuals.

Based on the positive response received, similar programs will be organized in the future with an increased number of recipients,” she added.

Meanwhile, one of the beneficiaries of this contribution, Meor Rashid Meor Ahmad, expressed his gratitude for the initiative.

He emphasized that it holds significant meaning for the working class, like himself, who rely on motorcycles for their daily commute.

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