Let’s Spend the Weekend at Ulu Licin Recreational Forest!

By: Rosli Mansor and Ahmad Razali

Some of us may not be familiar with Ulu Licin Recreational Forest in Beruas, a popular yet somewhat remote leisure destination far from urban activities.

It’s located approximately 10 kilometres from Beruas town.

This waterfall location is particularly well-known among locals because the coolness of its waters can rejuvenate weary bodies.

The waterfall is divided into four levels, making it the main attraction for visitors in this permanent forest reserve area.

However, the most family-friendly level of the waterfall is the middle one, as the water flow is not too strong.

There are also large and deep pools at the waterfall for swimming activities, but they are only suitable for adults.

To reach this location, it is advisable to use your vehicle as there is no bus service to this forest area.

This recreational area is also used for military training, including commando units.

Activities like jungle trekking, group camping, picnicking, and leisure can all be enjoyed here.

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