FAMA Perak Receives 10,000 Locally Sourced Rice Bags for Sale

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) in Perak, in collaboration with the Padi and Rice Control Authority, has received a consignment of 10,000 10-kilogram (kg) sacks of locally sourced rice.

These agencies have taken delivery of this rice allocation for the initial phase of distribution within the state.

FAMA Perak is responsible for disseminating this locally produced white rice through its operational centres, FAMA retail outlets, and the Agro Madani Sales Program to meet the needs of the local population.

This intervention is part of the Special Program for Locally Produced White Rice (PKBPT) initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security.

In Manjung, residents in and around the town have eagerly seized the opportunity to secure supplies of locally sourced white rice when visiting the sales program held at Community and Caravan Markets.

The FAMA Manjung initiative aims to fulfil the requirements of the local populace while alleviating their burden in obtaining local rice supplies due to issues with shortages.

Private sector worker Ariff Hashim stated that the difficulty in procuring locally sourced rice in the market poses a problem, considering that imported rice is generally more expensive.

Therefore, FAMA’s initiative has been highly praised and should be continued as it significantly aids consumers.

Most visitors also expressed a desire for the sales program to be held regularly weekly to ensure that low-income citizens can consistently access locally sourced rice.

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