Jellyfish Awareness Carnival in Teluk Nipah gives awareness to the public

By Zaki Salleh

PANGKOR: Jellyfish stings are indeed known to be poisonous, and can even cause death to their victims.

If you remember, in August last year a French boy died from being stung by a jellyfish while bathing at Teluk Nipah Beach, Pangkor Island.

The five-year-old victim and his family went to the beach to bathe after checking into a hotel on the resort island.

He was taken to the hospital and later confirmed dead as a result of being stung in the stomach, left hand and left leg.

Therefore, as a preventive effort, the Jellyfish Awareness Carnival in Teluk Nipah was held this morning, organised by Pulau Pangkor Health Clinic.

In this program there is also a briefing on dangerous jellyfish species, how to prevent and treat them.

Demonstrations of basic respiratory aid techniques or CPR and rescuing victims in the water were also demonstrated by rescuers from the Civil Defense Force and firefighters.

Meanwhile, Pangkor State Assembly Member Norhaslinda Zakaria praised the initiative of organising the program as awareness to the community.

Norhaslinda said, basic knowledge about treatment if attacked by jellyfish can help people during an emergency.

“Pangkor Island as a tourist area is definitely the focus of the public.

“If someone is hit or touched by the tentacles of the jellyfish, it can be harmful and needs to be treated immediately,” she said.

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