Rubbish Piling Up in Front of School Affects the Landscape

By: Zaki Salleh

KUALA KANGSAR – A distressing accumulation of illegal waste in front of the residential area’s entrance, near Clifford National School and Datin Khadijah National School, is marring the aesthetic appeal.

This situation has also resulted in a foul stench that is affecting the residents.

The area was never intended for waste disposal, yet some individuals have turned it into an impromptu dumping ground.

Rats, birds, and dogs are attracted to this garbage heap, leading to a cluttered, malodorous, and unsightly environment.

Efforts have been made to clean it up in the past, but the situation keeps recurring.

As a result, a collective community cleanup program, known as “No to Illegal Waste on Taayah Street,” has been initiated.

This program has received significant cooperation from the schools and the District Education Office.

Dr. Sakduddin Zamli, the Chairman of the Kuala Kangsar Municipal Council, was also present.

Other participants included residents from the District Police Headquarters in Kuala Kangsar, Puncak Emas Infra Sdn. Bhd., members of the local Community Development Council (MPKK), and the local community.

It is hoped that the residents of Kuala Kangsar will take greater responsibility for their waste and avoid disposing of it in inappropriate locations.

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