House full of trash: Husband and wife fond of collecting recyclables for four years

by Aida Aziz

IPOH: Irresponsible actions by a 60-year-old elderly woman and her husband, who have been collecting trash at their residence near Merpati Road, Taman Ipoh, have been going on for four years.

Many have wondered whether the house was inhabited or not, and the answer is yes, as the issue of trash collection has repeatedly arisen, with seven complaints from nearby neighbors.

The Ipoh City Council (MBI), in a statement, said that the woman and her husband were overly concerned about environmental conservation.

As a result, they collected recyclable items and stored them at their residence, neglecting the comfort of their neighbors and causing disturbances in the area.

Furthermore, there are numerous safety threats related to health risks, such as the breeding of mosquitoes, rats, and venomous animals, due to the excessive accumulation of trash.

“From our records, complaints have been received since 2020, with a total of seven complaints received.

“MBI has conducted cleaning work three times until now, and the owner has been fined RM500 in court under the Local Government Act 1976, Section 82 in 2021.

“In addition, the case has been referred for court action (repeated offenses),” it said.

Furthermore, the activity of storing trash at the residence is for recycling purposes, which causes disturbances.

“This owner is very concerned about the environment, to the extent that they disregard the interests and comfort of their neighbors.

“The untidy conditions can cause odor disturbances, become a breeding ground for rats and venomous animals, as well as a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

“This activity threatens the safety and health of the surrounding residents, while also tarnishing the aesthetics of the area,” it added.

When asked about the action taken against the homeowner, MBI stated that they had provided advice and referred the case to the Department of Social Welfare.

Unfortunately, they said that the referral for counseling and guidance assistance did not succeed, and the activity continued.

Last Monday, MBI used three lorries with a capacity of eight tons each to clean the residence.

As a result, approximately three tons of rubbish were successfully collected and cleaned up.

Previously, Ipoh Echo and Peraktastic reported on the condition of the house in Taman Ipoh, which was filled with trash, causing concern among neighbors and posing health risks and dangers from venomous animals.

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