Kuala Kangsar Earthenware Design Receives Recognition

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH – The earthenware created by the Kuala Kangsar Labu Sayong Craft Association has received recognition at the National Level Showcase for the One District One Industry (SDSI) program in 2023 in Melaka.

This innovative product development program under SDSI received guidance and financial support from the National Entrepreneurship Institute.

The Kuala Kangsar Labu Sayong Craft Association boasts a membership of over 80 individuals.

Five members of the association were directly involved in the development and commercialization of this earthenware project, with technical assistance provided by Craftsmanship Perak.

The earthenware product is also the sole SDSI innovation product launched in conjunction with the National Level Showcase of SDSI Madani 2023.

With this recognition, all involved entrepreneurs can increase their income and continue producing innovative products that can be marketed both domestically and internationally.

Earlier, the event was inaugurated by the Minister of Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives, Dato’ Ewon Benedick.

During the same program, KZ Kraf Enterprise from Kuala Kangsar, which is engaged in Labu Sayong production, won the SDSI product pitching competition.

It triumphed over the best SDSI products from the 12 other states across Malaysia.

The last time this competition for the best SDSI product was held was in 2017, and at that time, Perak also won the award for the best craft product.

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