Continuous Rainfall: Dengue Fever Cases in Ipoh Surge by 265 Percent

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The incidence of dengue fever within the jurisdiction of the Ipoh City Council (MBI) has seen a substantial rise, with 1,504 cases reported as of October 21st (Epidemic Week: 42).

Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, the Mayor of Ipoh, stated that this surge amounts to a staggering 265 per cent increase compared to the 412 cases reported during the same period last year, with no dengue-related fatalities.

“Until October 28th, a total of 14 controlled outbreak areas and three uncontrolled outbreak areas were reported.

“Five areas have become hotspots, namely Taman Cempaka (24 cases), Bandar Baru Putra (18), Taman Sifar (12), Medan Klebang Restu (8), and RPA Ulu Kinta (4),” he said.

He made these remarks while presiding over the Full Council Meeting for October held here on Tuesday.

Rumaizi noted that the continuous rainy season is a contributing factor, leading to an increased density of Aedes mosquitoes, thereby spiking dengue cases in September and October of this year.

In light of this, the residents of Ipoh are urged to take proactive measures for dengue prevention and control by dedicating at least 10 minutes each week to seek out and eliminate Aedes mosquito breeding sites.

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