Mud Flood Issue: Developers and MBI Take Swift Action

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

IPOH: The recent mud flood issue in Taman Chepor Impian, Chemor, has garnered attention from housing developers, with interim measures currently underway.

Faidz Ismail, a member of the Ipoh City Council, stated that the mud flood incident originated from an existing retention pond’s incapacity to contain the overflow of water due to heavy rainfall on April 30.

“The retention pond was initially constructed to trap sediments such as mud and sand to prevent them from flowing directly into the nearby river.

“The overflow of rainwater that couldn’t be contained entered the residential area’s drains, resulting in floods that had never occurred before. The developers should have established their drainage system leading to the larger drain alongside Klebang Meru road to ensure the overflow flows directly into the river.

“For the time being, the developers have raised barriers to prevent water from overflowing onto the roads and directed the water towards the retention pond. The Municipal Council (MBI) will engage in discussions with the developers to fully resolve this issue,” he told Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic, here today.

Previously, Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic reported that the mud flood incident in Taman Chepor Impian stemmed from the development of a new housing project adjacent to Taman Chepor Impian.

A total of 12 houses were inundated with mud, and three lanes within the area were also affected.

Faidz added that the developers would bear the cost of damages involving the 12 affected houses as demanded by the victims.

“The developers have agreed to provide compensation, based on reports from authorities and the incurred losses.

Meanwhile, the State Housing and Local Government Committee chairman Sandrea Ng Shy Ching, emphasized that every housing project undertaken by developers must consider various aspects to avoid any risks.

“To address issues like this, housing developers must take into account implementation and planning from all aspects, especially safety and property. We don’t want to only react when new problems arise.

“Every project must be meticulously planned to prevent negative impacts and alleviate difficulties for the local community,” she said.

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