Heavy rain and a storm in Ipoh caused severe damage to 36 houses

By Aida Aziz
Photo APM Perak and Bomba Perak

IPOH: Continuous heavy rain for over two hours, coupled with an evening storm today has resulted in 36 houses in Klebang Jaya being severely damaged.

According to the spokesperson for the District Civil Defense Operations Center (PKOD) in the Kinta District, it is understood that the incident occurred around 4:26 pm.

“The continuous heavy rain for over two hours, along with the storm, has caused damage to houses in the Klebang Jaya area.

“Up to now, the weather is still drizzling, and the information we have received indicates that 36 houses have been damaged, with roofs torn off and severely affected,” he said statement here today.

He added that four officers and members of the Civil Defense Force, including ambulance personnel, have also been dispatched to the location to monitor and assess the risks in the affected area.

Earlier, it went viral on social media that the heavy rain today had caused trees to fall, obstructing roads around Klebang, including the incident in Klebang Jaya.

In the pictures and videos, it is evident that the roofs of several houses were torn off and severely damaged due to the strong winds.

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