Sekolahku Berbakat Event Showcases Remarkable Talent Among Perak’s Students

by KT Leong

Ipoh, 8 Nov – Over the past weekends, the inaugural “Sekolahku Berbakat” event illuminated the talents of young students across Perak, with a total of 53 teams from primary and secondary schools participating, including a religious school and an orang asli school.

The event, organised by Ipoh Parade, witnessed 233 students showcasing a wide array of talents, including modern and traditional dance, ethnic performances, Latin dances, KPop Dance, singing renditions ranging from the poignant “Ragu Rakyat” to traditional and action songs, and a delightful display of musical instruments such as 24 festive drums, a String Orchestra, Kompang, and Malay Drums, among others.

The performances were assessed based on criteria that included entertainment value, creativity/originality, showmanship, difficulty of technique, and overall performance. In a show-stopping moment, the duo known as “Power of Queens” from SJK(C) Ave Maria Convent secured the championship in Category A with their captivating blend of Latino dance moves and vocal prowess. The first runner-up, “The Shine,” representing SJK(C) Wan Hwa 1, also delivered an outstanding Latino performance that drew applause from the audience. The second runner-up spot was clinched by the “Merak Kayangan Dancers” team from SK Pos Poi, enchanting the crowd with a traditional dance, “Tarian Etnik.”

Worth mentioning is that the students from SK Pos Poi made a 2-and-a-half-hour journey to reach Ipoh Parade for this competition, and they cherished every moment of this unforgettable experience. Category B witnessed an equally impressive display of talent, with the championship title going to “Starlight” from SMJK Yuk Choy Ipoh. Their performance artfully combined traditional and modern dance elements, showcasing the elegance of traditional Chinese dance moves alongside the strength and power of modern dance routines. The first runner-up was awarded to “Gerak Tari Cendana” from SMK Tarcisian Convent, for their joyous traditional Malay dance, while the second runner-up position was claimed by “AMC Dance Club” from SMJK Ave Maria Convent, dazzling the audience with a KPop Dance Cover.

Notably, the event offered students a unique opportunity not only to showcase their talents in a public setting but also to receive valuable feedback and guidance from the panel of judges. En Burhanudin Bin Zainal Azman, representing the Perak State Education Department, expressed his pleasure at the students’ performance level, akin to that of professional dancers and singers. He highlighted the importance of nurturing students’ talents in a public platform and encouraging healthy interests and hobbies for a well-balanced student lifestyle.

Stephen Seah, another judge and a recording artist with New Southern Records , praised the turnout and the students’ dedication to their performances. He emphasised the significance of extracurricular activities in propelling local students to greater heights in the future. “Though judging across the various categories was no easy task, we ensured that we scored each team justly and fairly,” said Stephen. Ipoh Parade’s Advertising & Promotion Manager, Lim Huey Tyng, expressed her pride in the enthusiastic participants and the event’s mission to foster team spirit, unity, and the discovery of hidden talents. She noted the overwhelming response to the event and extended gratitude to teachers, instructors, trainers, parents, and students for their dedication in preparing for the competition.

Furthermore, Huey Tyng acknowledged the valued sponsors, the tenants of Ipoh Parade, including Sasa, Secret Nail Color, Etrend, Magic Game Center, ITSU, Energized, K Box Karaoke, and Starbucks, for their integral role in making the event a resounding success.

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