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Perak Turf Club Coronation Cup 2023

Where Tradition and Glamour Collide

by Anne Das

The Coronation Cup Event, hosted by the Perak Turf Club, returned with a flourish, bringing life to the city with the resounding echo of pounding hooves and the elegant array of extravagant hats. This highly anticipated annual spectacle, rooted in tradition and celebrating Perak’s rich racing heritage, once again captivated locals, and high-society visitors alike, creating an atmosphere of timeless fashion and sporting excitement.

A sumptuous luncheon at the Coronation Cup event, where over 60 distinguished guests from all over Asia, including Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and more, indulged in a feast catered by Tandoor Grill, adding to the grandeur of the festivities

The Coronation Cup, dating back to its inauguration in 1985, pays homage to the installation of the late HRH Sultan Azlan Shah as the Sultan of Perak. It’s a prestigious classic race for Class 1 thoroughbreds aged three and older, and this year’s event promised more than just racing. It was an occasion that brought the entire community together to share in the excitement, uniting two worlds that rarely collide.

Elegance and tradition meet at the entrance of Perak Turf Club, as Datin Caroline Wong, (Ambassador of Perak Turf Club) and these gorgeous ladies strike a pose alongside the iconic horse carriages.

As the horses thundered down the track, they carried with them the spirit of ancestors who envisioned this grand spectacle. The Perak Turf Club racecourse transformed into a stylish catwalk, where over 50 elegant ladies showcased their finest attire and stunning hats, reminiscent of European sophistication. Much like events such as the Kentucky Derby, the PRTC Coronation Cup combined high fashion and elite horse racing, igniting a unique level of excitement.

Elegant ladies strike a pose, lined up for a stylish photo-op, moments before the judges select the Best Hat winners at the Coronation Cup event

The highlight of the day was the Best Hat Contest, where the ladies’ turned heads with their exquisite headpieces. Judges faced the unenviable task of choosing winners from an array of elegant creations, making it a day to celebrate individuality and style. Maria Tan, Liza Zainudin, and Novel Lim claimed the top spots for their stylish headwear, winning RM 500, RM 1,000 and RM 2,000, respectively.

A snapshot of Camaraderie and Style : (L-R) Mdm Jayamalar (Judge), Chairman Dato John Lim, Mdm See Foon Chan-Koppen (Judge), Datin Caroline Wong, Datin Janet Yeoh (Judge) with winners Liza Zainudin, Novel Lim and Maria Tan.

The Coronation Cup Event is not just another horse race; it’s a reflection of the community’s spirit, a melding of history with contemporary flair. It’s a vibrant pageant of Perak’s heritage and a nod to its dynamic future, bringing together local legends, international jockeys, and passionate spectators.

This year also saw the triumphant return of Simon Kok Wei Hoong, an Ipoh native turned professional jockey who has been racing for the Singapore Turf Club since 2018.

The day featured a luncheon and a high tea session, hosting distinguished guests and stylish ladies. The special races include the 2023 PORDASI GOODWILL CUP, the JAPAN RACING ASSOCIATION (JRA) GOODWILL CUP and the MITAVITE ASIA 25th ANNIVERSARY CUP, added to the excitement.

The pinnacle of the day was the CORONATION CUP itself, with Dato John Lim presenting the coveted trophies to the winning connections.

One for the album: The Coronation Cup winner, Good Fight, with victorious jockey, Jose De Souza, stride, alongside Winning Trainer, Simon Dunderdale, together with jubilant representatives of the Winning Owner, Pavitra Gallop Stable.

Beyond thrilling races and stylish fashion, the event also highlighted the Perak Turf Club’s ambitious vision for the future. Plans were revealed to revitalise its offerings, with the expected completion date set for 2024. These initiatives include a sports bar, high-end restaurants, and recreational facilities, turning the Perak Turf Club into a dynamic hub, operating seven days a week. The PRTC’s Coronation Cup Event 2023 showcased that Perak’s racing heritage is not dormant; it’s galloping ahead, stronger, and more vibrant than ever.

In Pictures: The Coronation Cup Event 2023

As we wrap up our coverage of the Coronation Cup Event 2023, let’s take a moment to relive the unforgettable moments through a selection of captivating photographs. These images capture the essence of tradition, elegance, and sporting excellence that defined the day.

Dato John Lim, Chairman of Perak Turf Club extended a warm welcome to the distinguished guests, kick-starting an exhilarating day at the Coronation Cup event.
Horses race towards glory at the Coronation Cup event, showcasing their speed and determination
A group photo of Team Mitavite and the Mitavite 25th Anniversary Cup 2023.
Datin Caroline Wong and her fashionable companions at the Coronation Cup event, adding a touch of grace and charm to the day.
With the best seats in the house, these ladies enjoy an unrivalled view of the races, with a clear line of sight to the winning post and the action on the track at the Coronation Cup event.
A display of elegance and style as these fashionable ladies gather to proudly showcase their creative and beautiful ensembles for the 2023 PRTC Coronation Cup Event.
Captured in the moment: These stylish ladies steal the spotlight with their charming hats as they pose for the camera
Datin Caroline Wong with the Hat Winners (L-R) Liza Zainudin, Novel Lim and Maria Tan at the PRTC Winning Post
All smiles for the 2023 Coronation Cup Winning Team
Datin Caroline Wong elegantly reprises her timeless fashion statement, donning a replica dress and hat for the Coronation Cup in both 2009 and 2023, bridging the gap between eras with grace and style

Don’t miss it next year!

For more information about future events and races, please visit the Perak Turf Club’s official website or contact them at 05-254 8084.

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