Three Wives Struggle to Make Ends Meet with Eight Children After the Demise of Their Husband

By: Rosli Mansor

IPOH – Like a ship without a captain, such is the stark reality of the lives of these ‘three wives’ who are forced to carry on with eight children.

Nadhratun Na’iem Mohd Hamin, 35, revealed that financial constraints have become increasingly evident since the loss of their family’s breadwinner due to her husband’s passing on July 5, 2023.

“Our family’s sustenance now barely covers our basic needs, but what’s of utmost importance is providing for our children’s education.

“The financial savings left behind by my late husband were depleted in covering medical expenses. Thankfully, we have been staying at my in-laws’ house since long ago until now.

“To date, we have not received any assistance from the Department of Social Welfare (JKM) or Baitulmal. However, we have received help from the Welfare and Social Bureau of Masjid Jamek, Kampung Melayu Sungai Rapat, in the form of financial aid for our children,” she told Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic during an interview at her residence in Kampung Melayu Sungai Rapat today.

Nadhratun is the second wife of her late husband, Putera Iszrin Shah Mohamed Isak, 54, who passed away due to diabetes and kidney failure. Their union blessed them with five children.

Late Putera Iszrin Shah also left behind two other widows, his first wife Normah Yuni Rejab, 59, and his third wife Fathiyyah Zakaria, 27, along with three children.

According to Fathiyyah Zakaria, two of her children are facing health issues; one is battling a lung infection, and the other has been suffering from Anemia since the age of three.

Meanwhile, Musa Dun, the Senior Director of MBI Services, expressed that the plight of Nadhratun Na’iem’s family had caught his attention, prompting him to extend assistance.

“To alleviate the burden on this family, a sum of RM500 has been donated to cover their daily expenses. This contribution is channelled through the MBI Prihatin program fund.

“In addition, the Northern Region Manager of Econsave, Shah Effendy Rosman, has also provided various essential daily items worth RM1,000.

“As the Chairman of Masjid Jamek, Kampung Melayu Sungai Rapat, I will continue to make efforts to assist this family, who are not only facing daily financial constraints but also health issues,” he stated.

Dr. Abdul Murshid Che Cik, the Chairman of the Welfare and Social Bureau of Masjid Jamek, Kampung Melayu Sungai Rapat, was also present.

For those who wish to contribute and ease the burden on this family, donations can be made to Nadhratun Na’iem Mohd Hamin’s account 152189134086 (Maybank).

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