State Government Prioritizes Restoration of Storm-Affected Victims’ Roof

By: Rosli Mansor

IPOH – The State Government will prioritize the restoration of severely damaged roofs caused by last night’s storm in several areas around Meru, Ipoh.

According to a statement by the Chief Minister, Dato’ Seri Saarani Mohamad, assessment work is currently underway by the District Development Division, the District Office, and the Kinta Land Office.

“The actions that have been and are being taken include the cleaning of areas/houses affected by the storm or flood, the distribution of disaster assistance forms for the District to update data on storm victims, and the disbursement of goodwill funds by the State Government and the Federal Government, including the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) and non-governmental organizations.

“To alleviate the burden borne by the affected families, the state government is providing financial assistance of RM300 per person today, while efforts are being made to coordinate other assistance, including from NADMA (RM1,000) and the Musa’adah Madani Fund Jakim.

“I am informed that the Tambun Parliamentary Office and the Hulu Kinta State Assembly Office have also taken initial steps by immediately replacing the roofs that are minimally damaged and distributing canvases to temporarily cover the damaged roofs,” he said.

The Kinta Land Office reported that at least 11 locations around Ipoh were hit by flash floods, but the Seri Kinta Village area is still flooded while the rest have receded.

At present, two Temporary Evacuation Centers (PPS) have been opened at the MBI Taman Meru Multipurpose Public Hall and the Kg Sri Kinta Multipurpose Public Hall, each accommodating 2 and 6 families, respectively.

Continuous heavy rain for over two hours last night resulted in flash floods and storms, affecting more than 40 houses and impacting at least 77 families.

As a follow-up, a meeting involving various state and federal agencies was held earlier this morning to coordinate post-disaster aid and efforts.

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