Let’s keep our kids safe.

By Yeap Ming Liong

It is regrettable to note that there have been many cases of forgotten baby syndrome where toddlers, babies and even kids have been left behind in vehicles by their parents or guardians. It has been more frequent lately, where these parents are unaware that their precious children are even in the car and the worst happens.

No one likes to read, hear and see these heart wrenching news. I for one have not the stomach for these tragic events. However, no matter how painful or disheartening the news. We need to put an end to this occurrence. Now, the recent tragedies although saddening serves as a clarion wake up call for all parents to ensure the safety of their children.

I would like to personally share a few methods to ensure the worst does not happen. Among others is to be in frequent communication with your spouse about the whereabouts of your baby or toddler. For example in this scenario, if you or your spouse drive separately to work, ensure the person who has just dropped off the baby at the nanny’s, immediately calls the wife or the husband, and informs them that the baby has been deposited into safe hands.

It might seem like a hassle to do so, but believe me it goes a long way. Make the call a habit. Once it becomes a daily routine, your other half will pick up the red flag, and notice something amiss should there be a break in the daily tradition.

Another way to go, is depending on the position of your baby carrier seat (rear facing), purchase a baby car seat mirror. This will enable the driver to look into the vehicle’s rear view mirror and at the same time, monitor the baby in the car seat. This nifty and affordable gadget is easily available on online retail platforms.

Of course we have all heard of placing valuable items such as laptops on the floor of the back of our vehicles. It is a method no doubt, but should be secondary to your overall awareness of the situation. However, it still serves as an effective way.

We can rely on gadgets, habits and even technology to remind us, but the responsibility for the safety of our children falls on your shoulders. There are no two ways about it. Ensure you are always alert to the whereabouts of your baby or toddler. You have to, you owe it to your children.

Parenting can be difficult, you are deprived of sleep, stressed, generally tired and we have not even started to touch base with work demands. However, make the best of the situation. Try to overcome the issues faced. Work out a schedule with your spouse to ensure not only your own well-being but that of your child’s.

Every parent loves their children unconditionally, some might even argue that a parent’s love for their kids is the one true love that exists. Let’s keep our kids safe.

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