Weather Factor: Dengue Cases Surge by 306.2%, 1 Fatality in Ipoh

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The incidence of dengue fever in the city of Ipoh has seen a significant increase, with 1,974 cases reported, including one fatality, until November 25 (Epid Week: 47).

Mayor of Ipoh, Datuk Rumaizi Baharin, stated that this increase amounted to 1,488, marking a 306.2% surge compared to 486 cases with one death during the same period last year.

“The rise in dengue cases is due to the widespread movement of the public, increasing the risk and rapid spread of dengue infection.

“The continuous rain, as a weather factor, also contributes to the rise in the density of Aedes mosquitoes.

“The spread of dengue infection can occur through carriers of the dengue virus to new areas, whether symptomatic or not,” he said.

He made these remarks while chairing the Full Council Meeting for November, held here on Thursday.

Rumaizi said there were five hotspots related to dengue fever in the city, including Sri Kepayang Apartment with seven cases, Taman Indah with 22 cases, Taman Pertama with 15 cases, Kampung Tersusun Batu 8 with 46 cases, and Kampung Tersusun Batu 6 with 18 cases.

Therefore, he urged Ipoh residents to enhance preventive measures and dengue control efforts.

He said continuous activities to destroy breeding grounds are expected to reduce the density of Aedes mosquitoes to a minimum level.

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