Over 400 Attendees Gather for Memory Walk 2023

by Anne Das

In the soft morning glow at Polo Ground in Ipoh, a collective energy surged as over 400 individuals, spanning generations and backgrounds, gathered for The Dementia Society of Perak’s (TDSP) impactful Memory Walk 2023. From spirited seniors to eager families, the event transformed into a vibrant tapestry of compassion, unity, and a shared commitment to raising dementia awareness

The Memory Walk movement is a stride towards illuminating the shadows of dementia. The event, organised by TDSP, is a ray of hope for the neurodegenerative disease that affects many in our community. It’s about coming together, step by step, to support those affected by dementia and to promote early detection and treatment for the best possible outcomes.

This community-driven event not only raised awareness about dementia but also showcased the power of solidarity in addressing the needs of our ageing population in Perak

The community’s response was nothing short of inspiring. From eager families to spirited seniors, the Polo Ground was adorned with a diverse crowd, all united by a common cause. The turnout demonstrated the community’s commitment to supporting initiatives that raise awareness and provide vital services for people living with dementia.

The Zumba team effortlessly drew the focus of both participants and Polo Ground visitors. The choreography, simple yet engaging, flowed seamlessly to the rhythm of diverse languages—proof of our multicultural nation.

The day commenced with invigorating Zumba sessions led by the dynamic Mr. Ismail Ibrahim and his team. Participants danced and moved in unison, establishing an uplifting atmosphere for the event. The spirited crowd was then officially flagged off by the lively duo, Dr. Esther Ebenezer and Dr. Anildev Singh Malhi, using a resounding air horn, signalling the beginning of the walk.

The much anticipated Flag Off!

 After the flag-off, as the spirited participants set forth on the walk, a delightful musical interlude awaited them. The sounds of Bobby, Maggie & Johnny, the dedicated volunteers at the Bebelec Day Care Centre, who routinely grace Fridays with song and dance sessions for in-house day care attendees, filled the air.

Many volunteers came up on stage to sing in the “ Live Karaoke” session hosted by Bebelec Day Care Centre.

Beyond the main attractions, participants had the opportunity to engage in a myriad of activities. The event offered free health screenings for glucose levels and blood pressure by Pantai Hospital. There were also booths by Bougainvillea City Dementia Café  and Perak Women for Women Society. These additional initiatives emphasised the holistic approach of the Memory Walk, promoting both physical and mental health.

Bougainvillea City Dementia Café with a spotlight on Irene John’s therapeutic artwork. Ipoh’s Dementia Café, now an NGO, aligns with Dementia Society Perak, sharing the same objectives of awareness and care for people living with Dementia, Care Partners, Family and the community.

As the event aimed not only to raise awareness but also to provide tangible support, participants were encouraged to contribute to the cause. Donations, both financial and in-kind, are welcomed to sustain the Bebelec Dementia Day Care Centre and its vital services. For those wanting to get involved or seeking more information, reach out to the Dementia Society (See Details below)

As we reflect on the echoes of laughter, the rhythm of Zumba, and the shared commitment to a cause, let’s carry the spirit of the Memory Walk forward, fostering understanding, empathy, and hope for a dementia-inclusive future.

Dr. Esther Ebenezer, Chairperson of Dementia Society, and Dr. Anildev Singh Malhi, Organising Chairperson for Memory Walk 2023, stand united with the dedicated members of the Organising Committee. Together, they pave the way for a future of compassion, awareness and support against dementia.

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