Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023 Day 1

By KT Leong

Wakunime®: Ipoh Mega Collector Havoc 2023, a hobby event organised by Toyeban, has begun the first of its 3-day event today at AEON Big Falim.

Vendors have taken up the entire floor space of the ground floor, from the entrance all the way to the post office, which is where you’ll find the Trueno from Initial D parked, right next to the event stage.

All types of vendors are at the event, not just for new and vintage toys, but vendors for antique money, cameras and even vintage film posters!

In addition to the more modern cars and bikes on display, there are even vintage models, such as a 1950s Vauxhall Wyvern LIX.

Children shouldn’t miss out on the petting zoo either.

And of course, there is plenty of food on sale all throughout the facility.

There are plenty of activities to go around, including an adult colouring contest.

And don’t miss out on the audio show from 9 pm onwards for the second and third night.

Expect plenty of colourful cosplayers, especially on Saturday and Sunday.

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