The widow of a volunteer firefighter receives aid from PERKESO Taiping

By Zaki Salleh

TAIPING: The fate of a new single mother who has just given birth to a child and lost her husband due to a heart attack has caught the attention of the ‘Prihatin PERKESO Squad’.

Shaharul Anuar Daud, 39, was admitted to Taiping Hospital on November 19th due to breathing difficulties.

On the same date, his wife, Siti Khadijah Ismail, 36, was also admitted to the same hospital for childbirth.

Despite the challenges, this young mother safely delivered their fourth child a day later.

However, the couple’s newborn and other children could not be reunited as their father passed away two days after being hospitalized for a heart problem.

More heart-wrenching, the baby remains in the pediatric ward of Taiping Hospital due to respiratory complications.

After reviewing contributions, the widow and all the children are eligible to receive survivor’s pension for the deceased.

The late Shaharul Anuar, who was also a volunteer with the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department, leaves behind a widow and four children ranging from two weeks to 9 years old.

Following this, the Manager of Perkeso Taiping, YM Tunku Shahrain Tunku Salehan, visited the family’s home on Jalan Bukit Merah, Bagan Serai, to deliver aid.

This includes a funeral management benefit of RM 2,000, along with a contribution from the Prihatin Box containing kitchen necessities for the widow.

In the spirit of compassion and welfare, a staff member from Perkeso Taiping has kindly sponsored the contributions for the late widow, who was a full-time homemaker.

Charitable donations were collected through all Perkeso Taiping staff and handed over to the late widow.

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