PapanSouls Need Our Help This Christmas

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by Anne Das (Photos courtesy of PapanSouls)

In the shadow of the Papan Landfill lies a silent struggle, often unseen by many—a community of 250 resilient dogs, each with a unique story of survival and resilience. These forgotten souls are under the care of PapanSouls, a dedicated group working tirelessly to provide them with daily meals, medication, and a glimmer of hope.

PapanSouls firmly believes in the transformative power of hope, recognizing its potential to make a significant difference.

It’s easy to overlook the challenges these dogs face—abandoned, navigating harsh weather, and scavenging for food. The reality is far from the warmth of our homes, especially with the unpredictable weather lately. But there’s something we can do to make a difference.

PapanSouls has introduced a meaningful way for us to contribute this Christmas. Their 2024 calendar, tote bags, and magnets aren’t just functional items; they serve as a legacy to the lives of these forgotten dogs. Your purchase directly supports their mission—providing food, shelter, medical care, and love to these forgotten souls. Consider making a difference this season by getting yourself a unique calendar or other merchandise.

A year filled with memories, love, and paws ! RM 40 For the Forgotten Souls of Papan 2024 Calendar. (Excludes delivery charges)
Tote bag — RM 35 (Excludes delivery charges)
A purposeful Fridge Magnet that doubles up as a bottle opener — RM 10

Their merchandise is also available at selected veterinary clinics, pet shops, and cafes in Perak. You can find them here:-

  • Midtown Falim Veterinary Clinic, Falim
  •  Klinik Haiwan Menglembu, Taman Mas
  •  Little Foot Animal Clinic, Jalan Kuala Kangsar
  •  Mytopia Pets Care Venture, Jelapang
  •  Suka Cafe, Canning Garden
  •  MichaelangelO’s Pizzeria, Medan Ipoh

The situation is urgent!!

Currently funds for their meals are running low, and they won’t be able to pay their caterers after December 15th. Imagine the hunger they will face during the cold and rainy days if we don’t step in. This is where your generous contribution can make a positive impact on the lives of these stray dogs in need.

Join the cause, be a voice for the voiceless, and contribute to creating a better life for these animals.

These aren’t just dogs; they are members of our community, and it’s our responsibility to care for them. Your donation ensures they don’t sleep hungry, that they have a chance for a better life. But it doesn’t stop there. Your purchase of the 2024 calendar, along with tote bags and magnets, directly supports their mission—providing food, shelter, medical care, and love to these forgotten souls.

Join Ipoh Echo in amplifying their story. Share, spread, donate!

Share this article, spread the word, and consider donating or purchasing their unique merchandise. Your kindness, whether grand or small, makes a huge difference. Together, as a community, we can ensure these forgotten souls are not left in the shadows this Christmas.

Embracing compassion: PapanSouls Vice President, Sarah K, shares a heartwarming moment with Chloe, one of the many cherished rescued dogs.

 PapanSouls leads in responsible pet care and community welfare, advocating for neutering to compassionately curb the stray dog population.  To donate directly to their cause. Here are the details for your generous contributions:

Persatuan Prihatin Haiwan Terbiar Ipoh, Perak

RHB Bank: 2 58048 0001237 1

Payment Reference: PS Donation (NO OTHER REFERENCE)

Additionally, consider reaching out to them below for more information on how to support their mission or if you have any specific queries.:-

Facebook page          :
Instagram                    :

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