TIC launches ‘TVET Orphans’ to uplift education of orphaned children in TVET.

By Balqis Jazimah Zahari

IPOH: Taj International College (TIC) launched a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) program specifically for orphans on Sunday here recently.

This innovative program aims to provide access to vocational education and training to enhance skills and offer holistic development opportunities for orphaned children.

Executive Director of TIC, Tina Datuk Sri Tajuddin, stated that the inaugural program held on the campus aims to uplift the education of orphans in the field of TVET skills.

“We understand the position of orphans and the current direction of the country towards TVET, but we have a skills deficit gap.

“We see that from the country’s TVET policy in 2024, a significant amount is targeted for TVET development, so we need to uplift these skills together.

“We hope this program becomes a pioneer in the effort so that the country will have a special TVET cluster for orphans, similar to how we currently have Tahfiz TVET and others,” she said during a media press conference at the Hitea program in conjunction with the launch of the TVET Orphans program at Dewan TT, TIC here.

Tina said, the orphans involved will receive significant benefits through the TVET Orphans program, thereby improving their quality of life after completing their studies.

“Our initial target from this year until next year is to assist 100 SPM graduates from selected orphanages. We help guide their education path and subsequently offer employment opportunities,” she said.

Tina added, The TVET program for orphans also provides opportunities for them to develop professional skills in fields such as Automotive, Business Management, and Early Childhood Education through the sponsorship of participating parties.

She said, at the same time, they also launched the ‘TVET Orphan Fund’ for corporate bodies, agencies, or generous individuals who wish to contribute to the education of orphans.

“So, there is no longer an excuse for them not to overcome challenges and pursue higher education.

“I hope this program sets a benchmark and serves as a catalyst for efforts to uplift orphanages and garner attention at all levels,” she said.

Previously, that TVET program for Orphans was inaugurated by the Director of the Perak Islamic Religious Department, Harith Fadzilah Abdul Halim.

In conjunction with the program, Tina also presented a donation of RM10,000 from an individual to five selected orphanages in Perak.

Through collaboration with the industrial community, TIC offers various sponsorship packages, including Full Sponsorship Package, Tuition Fee Only Sponsorship Package, and Self-Allowance Sponsorship Package for selected orphaned children.

Individuals, businesses, or organizations interested in participating in this effort can contact the Corporate Division of TIC or visit the website at for more information.

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