The 46th Annual Celebration of Senior Citizens Club Perak.

A Heartwarming Evening of Togetherness

by Anne Das

The 46th Senior Citizens Club of Perak Annual Dinner, held recently, echoed the spirit of community, resilience, and the joys of golden years. With over a hundred attendees, including esteemed members of the club, their families, and close friends, the evening was filled with camaraderie and shared memories.

Members of the Senior Citizens Club of Perak gathered around tables, sharing food, stories, music and dance.

 Mr. Soo Ying Chow, President of Senior Citizens Club of Perak,  opened the evening with a heartfelt speech, setting the tone for the night. He warmly welcomed everyone to the 46th edition of this cherished annual event. Expressing gratitude, he acknowledged the invaluable contributions of donors and friends from outside the club, emphasising how their support has been a pillar of strength.

However, the evening also had its poignant moments. Mr. Soo touched upon the loss of a few cherished members, highlighting the club’s unwavering spirit in the face of ageing and illness. Looking forward, he stressed the importance of navigating the challenges of 2024 with wisdom, urging the club to evolve and seize growth opportunities.

Mr. Soo addressing the attendees with passion and gratitude.

The year 2023, as highlighted by Mr. Soo, was marked by numerous adventures organised by the committee. From bus excursions to vibrant parties with engaging programs, the club ensured its members enjoyed every moment. With a modest budget, they even managed to acquire new indoor game sets, fostering more interactions and fun-filled moments.

While plans to install a lift for members with mobility challenges were discussed, the high costs led to its dismissal. However, with initiatives like the upcoming membership drive in the pipeline, the club remains hopeful for new additions and fresh perspectives.

The club band “MerryMakers” performed oldies but goldies while the crowd sang along to their favourites.

Adding musical charm to the evening, the Merry Makers, who have been steadfast supporters of the club’s weekly sessions, performed live. Their performance was both a tribute and a reminder of their fallen band member, a poignant reminder of the passage of time.

YB Jenny Choy graced the occasion, assuring the Senior Citizens Club Perak of the government’s continued support and contributions for the upcoming year. Her words resonated with hope and assurance, further cementing the club’s significance in the community.

YB Jenny Choy giving her inspirational speech during the event.
(photo credit :YB Jenny Choy FB)

The evening’s festivities continued with more delightful singalong sessions featuring many classics  including popular Christmas carols . Attendees soon took to the floor, dancing with joy and enthusiasm, celebrating the bonds that tie them together.

A Delightful Chilled Longan Dessert from HLT Restaurant.

 A highlight of the evening was the sumptuous 6-course meal, masterfully crafted by the chefs of HLT Restaurant. Ending on a sweet note, the longan dessert was a crowd favourite, rounding off the culinary experience.

The night was also dotted with lucky draws, with many attendees leaving with heartwarming gifts, further adding to the evening’s festive spirit.

The lovely Linda Onn and her dancing ladies entertain the crowd whilst encouraging everyone onto the dance floor

The 46th Senior Citizens Club of Perak Annual Dinner was more than just an event; it was a celebration of life, friendship, and the enduring spirit of community. Here’s to many more years of togetherness and cherished memories!

Those above the age of 55 are welcomed to join the club. Interested readers can contact the club at 05 547 0387 for details.

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