Ipoh Refill ~ The Catalyst for a Greener,Cleaner Ipoh

by Anne Das

Amidst the rustic charm of the Red Mountain Wood Factory, a revolution unfolded. The Zero Waste Bazaar, a first-of-its-kind event, seamlessly blended the essence of sustainability with community spirit, leaving an indelible mark on attendees and vendors alike.

Perak Game Changers – (L-R) Leong Yet Pin (KamparRefill), Law Shu An (Sabun Refill Taiping), YB Tan Kah Hing, Hwang Pei See (Ipoh Refill)

Hwang Pei See, the founder of Ipoh Refill is a passionate advocate for change. With a background rooted deeply in environmental conservation and a decade-long dedication to sustainable living, Hwang’s move to Ipoh brought with it a mission. “The bazaar wasn’t just about products; it was about reshaping mindsets,” she remarked. Her vision for Ipoh Refill goes beyond a mere business venture; it’s her unwavering commitment to a greener future.

The transformation of the Red Mountain Wood Factory into a vibrant hub for sustainability was no accident. Mr. Tan Kai Lek, the factory’s owner, envisioned it as a catalyst for change. “Long before the bazaar, we started collecting debris after each heavy rain, now we’re collecting ideas and inspiration,” he shared. Kai Lek’s commitment to making a difference is palpable, reflecting in every corner of his space.

“Kenyang” is a social enterprise for zero hunger, and zero food waste. Young Volunteer Adam and the Founder Mun showcasing a nutrient balanced meal,  they provide for B40 school children.

The bazaar showcased a myriad of environmentally-friendly products and initiatives. From artisanal crafts to organic produce, each vendor epitomised innovation in sustainability. One particularly inspiring story emerged from a food vendor who completely eliminated plastic packaging. “We were shocked at the number of packages we saved,” they exclaimed, a testament to the power of collective action.

From Waste to Wonder with Earthopian~ Ipoh born, Lighien Lee Transforms Reclaimed Materials into Stunning Art Pieces

But the bazaar’s impact transcended mere transactions. It was a crucible for learning, a space where community engagement met actionable change. Workshops, talks, and interactive sessions fostered a sense of shared responsibility. “We’re not just reducing waste; we’re nurturing a culture,” Hwang emphasised, encapsulating the transformative potential of such events.

One of the Workshops during the Bazaar – Learning how to turn aluminium coated packaging                  (ie. Coffee/ tea 3 in 1 packs) into beautiful baskets with madam Phang Chit Looi and her friends.

Perhaps the most compelling statistic was the mere 5 kilograms of waste generated over two days. As Hwang noted, “That’s the daily trash output of a single household. Imagine if every event, every day mirrored this.” It was a stark reminder of the colossal impact of collective action.

Yet, as the bazaar concluded, the journey had only just begun. The spotlight shifted to the future: Neighbourhood Refill Stations. Currently, Ipoh Refill products are available at four locations in Ipoh: Botani, Pasir Puteh, Pasir Pinji, and Sri Rapat. Hwang’s vision was clear: “We need refilling to become as commonplace as recycling bins.”

New Neighbourhood Refill Station opened in 5 Lebuh Rapat Baru 15, Taman Song Choon, providing the community with sustainable refilling options.

Call to Action:

For those inspired to be part of this green revolution, Ipoh Refill welcomes you. If you’re considering opening a Neighbourhood Refill Station in your Taman or simply want to learn more, reach out to Hwang Pei See directly:

Facebook                      :
Email                             :
Contact Number         : 012-656 0816.

Refill to Reduce- Saved from Landfills, One Milk Carton at a Time

While the Zero Waste Bazaar showcased progress, the silent tide of trash continues to flow into our rivers and eventually the oceans, a stark reminder of the urgency we face. The real change starts with each individual choice, each refusal of unnecessary plastic, and each embrace of refillable alternatives.

A Glimpse into Our Plastic Footprint – Reduce, Reuse, Refill and Recycle!

Let’s rally together, Ipoh, and make the change our planet so desperately needs.

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