Star Vendor Perak Foodstival Will Attract Thousands of Visitors to Indera Mulia Stadium this weekend

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: This week, the Indera Mulia Stadium is set to buzz with the presence of thousands of visitors at the Star Vendors Perak Foodstival Sales Festival, kicking off on Saturday and concluding on Monday.

Star Vendors Foodstival stands out as the most viral sales festival in the country, featuring celebrities, influencers, and dozens of entrepreneurs.

This marks its second instalment in Ipoh after a successful debut at the end of last year.

Ifa Raziah, the Chief Executive Officer of Star Vendors, stated that in addition to the presence of 35 celebrities showcasing their respective business products, various side events will be held.

“We have activities during the event, such as beauty pageants, children’s games, and a Harley Bike show.

“Don’t miss the daily concerts, and entry is free. This event is suitable for all age groups, especially for families, as everything can be found under one roof,” she said.

According to the celebrity entrepreneur, based on past responses, they anticipate the attendance of tens of thousands of visitors, making it a year-end closing event.

“We estimate sales to be around RM2.5 million because this time we still have vendors selling gold and real estate, contributing to last year’s highest sales.

“We believe our unique concept, different from other festivals, will attract the people of Perak.

“The indoor and outdoor concept of this carnival involves the sale of fashion, beauty products, real estate, gold, tourism, as well as trending food and beverages,” she added.

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