Food poisoning cases in Perak increased last year, emphasizing the importance of cleanliness practices

By Zaki Salleh
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IPOH: A total of 48 cases of food poisoning were recorded by the Perak State Health Department last year, involving 2,224 patients.

This figure represents a 29 percent increase compared to food poisoning cases in 2022.

Out of that total, 24 cases or 50 percent of food poisoning incidents occurred in educational institutions.

Seven cases involved food premises, six in private residences, and 11 cases in various other categories.

To ensure food quality is maintained, the food handling process at every stage of the chain must be managed well according to established guidelines.

It starts with production work, whether in farms, factories, or restaurants, followed by storage, packaging, delivery, and marketing processes.

Next is the preparation, cooking, and serving stage.

At every stage, it’s crucial to ensure that the food is not contaminated and is free from bacteria, viruses, germs, and toxic substances that can harm health.

The government, through the Ministry of Health, has conducted various awareness campaigns and programs related to food contamination.

Therefore, the concern and commitment of various parties play a crucial role in ensuring food is not contaminated.

At the same time, the community also has a role and responsibility to ensure that they and their family members obtain safe and uncontaminated food.

Food business operators and handlers must adhere to all regulations under the Food Act 1983 before any food product is marketed or served to ensure the health of consumers is protected.

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