Smelly drains and piles of garbage near Pasar Besar Ipoh are worrying the public

BY: Aida Aziz

IPOH: Stagnant water in drainage channels, coupled with an unpleasant odor near a restaurant here, is reported to have persisted for quite some time.

The condition within the drainage system appears to pose a risk of breeding mosquitoes if not properly maintained.

A survey by representatives of Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic in the vicinity of the Central Market in Ipoh also found numerous piles of trash left uncollected by the authorities.

The sight is not only an eyesore but also projects a negative image of the city of Ipoh and Perak in general.

The trash is visible at the entrance of the market, undoubtedly witnessed by many daily.

An individual known as Keele Ng reported that the drainage area in front of the restaurant facing the market emits a foul stench.

“It was observed that the drainage near this restaurant is congested and smells foul; it is located right in front of the Central Market in Ipoh,” he said.

Local authorities (PBT) are urged to take note of this issue to ensure that Ipoh remains clean and green.

While the Year of Visit Ipoh has passed, with the Year of Visit Perak now approaching, many will certainly visit here on weekends.

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