MBI Clears Trash Pile in Front of Pasar Besar Ipoh

By: Aida Aziz

IPOH: The issue of garbage piles in front of the Pasar Besar Ipoh and a foul-smelling drain near a restaurant in the vicinity has received a response from the Ipoh City Council (MBI).

A report released by Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic yesterday has prompted a swift reaction, with cleanup efforts in the affected area taking place today.

An MBI spokesperson stated that the cleaning staff had successfully cleared the area in front of the Pasar Besar Ipoh.

“Cleaning operations were carried out by MBI this morning,” they told Peraktastic/Ipoh Echo.

As a result, it can be observed that there is no longer a trash pile as seen previously in the location.

On Friday, a survey conducted by representatives of Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic around the Pasar Besar Ipoh area revealed numerous uncollected garbage piles, presenting an unsightly and negative image of the city of Ipoh, particularly in the broader context of Perak.

The trash was notably situated in front of the market entrance, undoubtedly visible to many who encounter the same situation daily.

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