Immediate Replacement of New Covered Trash Bin Urged

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Ipoh – Nasi Vanggey Restaurant, situated in the Green Town Business Centre, Ipoh, is renowned for its ‘Nasi Kandar’, commonly known as ‘Nasi Ganja.’

A recent survey conducted by representatives of Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic revealed that the establishment manages food waste and garbage effectively and neatly.

However, unfortunately, the garbage bags were placed on the side of the road next to the trash bin that had been overturned due to damage and could not be used.

As a result, the garbage pile emits an unpleasant odour when passing through the area.

The condition of the trash bin and the foul smell have persistently been an issue for quite some time because no one has raised a complaint with the authorities.

It is hoped that the local authorities, particularly the Ipoh City Council (MBI), will promptly replace the damaged trash bin with a new, covered one to prevent foul odours and deter wildlife scavenging.

Nasi Vanggey Restaurant is a popular spot for visitors, and environmental cleanliness should be prioritized, especially as we are currently in the Visit Perak 2024 campaign.

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