Persistent Littering by Non-Residents Affects Public Areas in Ipoh

By: Zaki Saleh

Ipoh: In an issue that appears to be still lingering, individuals from outside the locality are suspected of throwing rubbish carelessly on the side of the road resulting in the unsightly condition of the area.

The footpath has become a well-known “hot spot” for littering due to its strategic location, serving as a path for pedestrians.

A small number of visitors to Taman SPPK Morning Market in Taman Pengkalan Jaya are believed to have taken a shortcut by placing waste in this particular location.

Busy roads, coupled with rows of parked vehicles, provide cover for those who engage in littering.

The proximity of this site to the Al-Furqan Mosque, as well as the nearby convenience store and vehicle repair shop, adds to the severity of this issue.

Despite periodic cleaning efforts, the area continues to be plagued by freshly dumped garbage, including bulk waste, the next day. L

Domestic waste, including kitchen waste, continues to pollute the environment, exacerbated by stray dogs and large rodents.

Kevin, a resident of the surrounding area, expressed his displeasure, stating that the accumulated garbage greatly affects the overall aesthetics of the area.

He pointed out that simply putting up warning signs is not enough to prevent irresponsible dumping.

“Unless plainclothes enforcement officers are stationed to monitor and immediately issue fines, strict action must be taken,” said Kevin.

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