Palestine Donation: PUHAZ Aims to Provide 1,000 Winter Garments for Palestine

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

IPOH: The ongoing suffering of the Palestinian people has captured the attention of the global community. The Perak Umrah, Hajj, and Ziarah Association (PUHAZ) have taken the initiative to provide humanitarian aid to the Palestinians affected by the Israel-Palestine conflict since October 7, 2023.

PUHAZ President Abdul Jabbar Abdul Kahar stated that the current Israel-Palestine conflict has claimed the lives of 21,822 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

“The number of Palestinian casualties has had a profound impact worldwide, including among PUHAZ members. The Palestinians are now facing the winter season until the end of February, and their lives are becoming more difficult due to the destruction of property. They need warm clothing assistance,” he said to Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic after the launch of the Humanitarian Fundraising Event for Gaza Mission during PUHAZ’s 4th Annual General Meeting at the State Mosque of Perak, Sultan Idris Shah II Mosque, recently.

Present at the event were the Ministerial Advisor at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Azmi Abdul Hamid, and PUHAZ Vice Chairman, Mohamad Ali Sabri.

He added that the contributions would be continuous throughout the winter season in Palestine, expected to conclude at the end of February.

“MAPIM President, Azmi Abdul Hamid, will depart for Gaza through the cooperation of the Egyptian government shortly to deliver the winter clothing contributions, which will be purchased in Egypt from the funds collected.

“Those who wish to contribute to the Gaza Mission Humanitarian Fund can channel their assistance to Maybank account 558 220 618 973 (Perak Umrah, Hajj & Ziarah Association). Please send your payment slip via WhatsApp to 017 528 0889,” he emphasized.

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