Provide large trash bins to deal with illegal dumping

BY: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: The proposal of large trash bins or centralized waste collection points for residential areas is suggested to address the issue of improper illegal dumping.

This proposal should be considered by the Ipoh City Council (MBI), but the selection of suitable locations is crucial.

In addition, feedback from the local community is essential to understand the need to address the problem of improper illegal dumping.

Jacob George, a retiree, stated that the residents of Ipoh are generally sensitive to waste and local cleanliness issues.

He emphasized that the large trash bins need to be well-managed to prevent scattered waste.

“People dispose of garbage on the roadside because it’s convenient, so place trash bins and simultaneously monitor the situation. Enforcers, especially in areas prone to improper waste disposal, need to be firm,” he said.

Edlynn Lee, a resident of Desa Tambun Indah, mentioned that the absence of large trash bins in the neighbourhood makes it difficult for residents to dispose of their waste.

She also highlighted that the complaint system to MBI is less effective when responses are delayed.

“I understand that waste management is not solely MBI’s responsibility, but they should respond to complaints promptly and frequently send officers for inspections in residential areas. MBI patrols, for instance, instill confidence in residents that officers are monitoring cleanliness.

“There are instances where sanitation workers are lax, causing garbage to spill behind houses,” she explained.

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