Many Roads in Ipoh City Need Repaving!

By: Rosli Mansor Ahmad Razali

Ipoh: The issue of damaged, patched, and uneven roads often haunts road users, especially city residents.

This phenomenon not only poses problems for road users but also likely contributes to accidents.

Certain areas around Ipoh, such as the Tasek Timur 16 route in Bercham, have become a frequent complaint among road users, according to reports by Ipoh Echo/Peraktastic.

Mohamad Ramlan, 53, one of the road users on this route, mentioned that the road needs to be repaved due to its uneven surface and potholes.

“I use this route every day to drop my child off at SK Tasek Dermawan. The condition of this road has been like this for a long time and should be repaved.

“It’s not just here that is damaged; there are also issues in other areas, such as along Jalan Kompleks Sukan leading to Kampung Simee.

“On that route, there is an uneven road surface, possibly due to imperfect road paving. It is hoped that the responsible authorities can monitor the condition of the roads in the concerned areas, which undoubtedly do not provide comfort to road users,” he said.

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