The heirs of a deceased hawker involved in an accident receive compensation from PERKESO

By Zaki Salleh

KUALA KANGSAR: The Social Security Organization (PERKESO) contributions made by a hawker, Sofiahani Mohd Sani, during her lifetime provided relief to her family when they received compensation

Sofiahani, who made contributions as a self-employed individual, allows her heirs to receive compensation from PERKESO.

She, operating in Pengkalan Hulu, is a contributor under the Self-Employed Social Security Scheme (SKSPS) since August 23 last year through registration with Tekun Nasional.

The woman, along with her third child, Akmal Danial Samsul Kamal, 16, passed away after their motorcycle was struck by a truck traveling in the opposite direction while on their way to the business premises.

The family heirs receive a one-time payment of RM2,000 for the body management and a dependent benefit.

Her husband is eligible to receive this benefit for life, while her four children aged 7 to 20 are eligible until the completion of their undergraduate studies.

Previously, the family received a visit from the PERKESO State Director, V. Mohanadas, when he visited the heirs’ family in Klian Intan.

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