Tourists Disappointed as Museum Darul Ridzuan Remains Closed!

By: Zaki Salleh

IPOH: Why hasn’t the Museum Darul Ridzuan been opened yet, especially during the Visit Perak Year?

That’s the question posed by tourists from outside Perak, including netizens, as their desire to visit the museum remains unfulfilled.

A tourist from Pahang, Mohd Shamsul Mohd Zam, 33, expressed his disappointment, stating that the Museum Darul Ridzuan should be one of the destinations for visitors outside Ipoh who want to learn a bit about the history of this city.

“The Museum Darul Ridzuan is undoubtedly one of the locations we wanted to visit in Ipoh, but unfortunately, it is not operational.

“Besides the museum, I was also interested in exploring the air-raid shelter built in 1940, but unfortunately, that too was not possible.

“Although several museums or galleries are exhibiting historical materials owned by individuals in Ipoh, their functions are not the same as the Museum Darul Ridzuan,” he told Ipoh Echo / Peraktastic.

According to a notice recently posted on the Perak State Museum Board’s social media page, the museum has been closed since April of last year.

Considering that the Museum Darul Ridzuan is under the management of the Perak State Museum Board, questions arise about its closure.

Moreover, when visiting any state, the museum is usually a desired destination.

Mohd Shamsul further explained that previously, the Museum Darul Ridzuan closed temporarily for the arrangement of exhibits based on specific themes and concepts. The last exhibition was held in October 2022, titled “Between 2 Emergencies,” running until February 2023.

“Even if the Museum Darul Ridzuan is temporarily closed for renovations or maintenance, there should be an alternative to open the museum doors for visits.

“Think about how the Museum Darul Ridzuan can still function. It is Visit Perak Year, and undoubtedly, Ipoh is a focal point for tourists from outside,” he added.

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